Physics 330

PHYSICS 330 - Spring 2020



CLASS: M W 2:00 - 4:50 PM ONLINE

INSTRUCTOR: Manuel Berrondo

OFFICE: N149 ESC 422-4635

TA's: Jacob Nuttall, Ellyse Taylor, Loic Beus, Jonathan Treter

MANUAL: "Introduction to Matlab" and ManualPhysics330 

Ross L. Spencer & Michael Ware

BYU Academic Publishing

WEBSITE: Physics330

GRADES: Labs 80% and Final 20%

READING ASSIGNMENT: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you spend ½ hour reading each lab BEFORE coming to class. Otherwise you WILL fall behind!

FINAL EXAM: Finals week, assigned date FINAL

COME TO CLASS!!! Experience has shown that if you don’t, you will most probably do poorly in this class.

HELP AND SCORING: You can use Slack to communicate (chat) with the TA's and then Zoom in order to share your screen and pass off the labs



 Schedule of Labs




W 04/29

1 Introduction to Matlab

M 05/04

2 Visualization and Qualitative Analysis

W 05/06

3 Phase Space and Matlab Functions

M 05/11

4 Calculus and a Bouncing Balla

W 05/13

5 Playing Baseball with ODEs

M 05/18

6 The Harmonic Oscillator and Resonance  

Checkpoint 1

W 05/20

7 The Pendulum

W 05/27

8 Two Gravitating Bodies

M 06/01

9 Fourier Transforms

W 06/03

10 Pumping a Swing

M 06/08

11 The Pendulum with a High Frequency Driving Force

W 06/10

12 Chaos

Checkpoint 2

M 06/15

13 Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators