David E. Tanner (B.S. student, 2005-6)

computational crystallography



Jonathan Cox (B.S. student, 2003-4)

high-temperature impedance spectrometry

M.S. student at the University of Utah


Brett Guisti (B.S. student 2003-5)

single-crystal diffuse scattering

Physics teacher at Lone Peak High School in Highland Utah.


Dr. Li-ping Li (post-doctoral researcher, 2002-3)

materials synthesis and characterization, x-ray scattering

Faculty member at the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter


Thomas K. McKnight (M.S. student, 2004-5)

neutron detector development

Staff scientist at Photogenics Inc.


Bradley Y. Underwood (B.S. student, 2004-5)

neutron scattering instrumentation

Physicist in the US Air Force, passed away April 2005.


Jeff Watkins (B.S. student, 2003-4)

sol-gel synthesis of ionic conductors

Founding partner at Informera Corporation