Warm-Up Exercise for lecture 20

Due 8:00 am, Thurs, Nov 6

Physics 105, Fall 2008

Water flows from a pipe with large diameter into a pipe with smaller diameter. The pressure of the water in the small tube is
☐ greater than
☑ less than
☐ equal to
the pressure in the large tube

Water in a pipe is pumped from the ground (point A) through a narrow constriction (point B) up to a second story apartment (point C). The pipe has the same diameter at points A and C. How does the speed of the water compare at the three points?
☐ A>B>C
☐ A<B<C
☑ A=C<B
☐ A=C>B

A ping pong player puts "topspin" on the ball as he hits it to you by causing it to rotate such that the top of the ball is spinning towards you. Where will the ball strike the table compared to if it were not spinning?
☐ closer to you
☑ farther from you
☐ same distance

In the reading assignment for today, Ralph noticed two different equations labeled "Bernoulli's Equation". One said, "P1 + r v12 + rgh1P2 + r v22 + rgh2", the other said, "P + r v2 + rgh = C". He wants to know how they can both be the same equation when they look so different. What can you tell him?

They both represent conservation of energy. The first says that energy is conserved between two points of a flow. The second says that the total energy is constant, regardless of which two points you choose.

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