Fall 2011 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Fall Semester 2011

Assumed to be in N288 ESC on Tuesdays 2:00-3:00 PM unless otherwise specified.

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Tuesday September 6th

    First week of classes -- business meeting, no seminar.


Thursday September 8th

    Professor Matthew Linford, BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry

    NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, W140 BNSN)



Tuesday September 13th

    Professor Gus W. Hart, BYU Physics & Astronomy

    The Physics of Life



Tuesday September 20th

    Professor Roger G. Harrison, BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry

   Doped Semiconductor Nanoparticle Synthesis, Characterization and Applications



Tuesday September 27th

    Moussa Barhoum, University of Utah, Department of Chemistry

   Rapid sol-gel fabrication of high-quality thin-film stacks on planar and curved substrates for single molecule tracking experiments



Thursday October 6th -- NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

    Professor Richard Vanfleet, BYU Physics & Astronomy




Tuesday October 11th

    Professor C. Shane Reese, BYU Dept. of Statistics

    Amazing applications of statistical methods in the physical sciences



Tuesday October 18th

    APS Four-Corners Meeting (Tuscon AZ, Oct 21-22) Presentations


Tuesday October 25th

    Professor John McBride, BYU Geology

    Geological and Archaeological Applications of Radar for Fun and Profit



Thursday November 3rd -- NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

    Professor David T. Fullwood, BYU Mechanical Engineering



Tuesday November 8th

    Professor Norman Tolk, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Vanderbilt University

    Non-linear interactions of laser pulses with materials



Tuesday November 15th

    Professor Adam T. Woolley, BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry




Tuesday November 22nd

    Thanksgiving Holiday -- no seminar.


Thursday December 1st

    Professor Brian F. Woodfield, BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry

    NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, W140 BNSN)



Tuesday December 6th

    Professor John Colton, BYU Physics & Astronomy

   Title ?



Tuesday December 13th

    Business meeting, no seminar.


Send email to Branton Campbell if you have questions about the schedule.