Fall 2012 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Fall Semester 2012

Assumed to be in N288 ESC on Tuesdays 2:00-3:00 PM unless otherwise specified.

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Tuesday August 28th

    First week of classes -- business meeting, no seminar.


Tuesday September 4th

Professor Karine Chesnel (Physics & Astronomy, BYU)

Nanomagnetism in Fe3O4



Tuesday September 11th

Professor David Busath (Physiology and Developmental Biology, BYU)

How to block the flu



Thursday September 13th -- NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, W140 BNSN)

Professor Adam Wooley (Chemistry & Biochemistry, BYU)



Tuesday September 18th

No seminar


Tuesday September 25th

Raymond Cutler (Ceramatec, SLC Utah)

 Challenges in Technology Development at Ceramatec

//www.ceramatec.com/ s


Thursday October 4th -- NMIG Seminar (10:00 AM, C107 BNSN)

Professor Grant Jensen (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Caltech)

Electron Cryotomography



 Tuesday October 9th

no seminar


Thursday October 18th (10:00 AM, N288 ESC)

Dr. Paul Saxe (Materials Design)

Computational design of materials with custom-tailored properties



Tuesday October 23rd

Dr. Lei Pei (Chemistry & Biochemistry, BYU)

 High Strength Carbon Fiber Composite Wafers for Microfabrication


Thursday November 1st -- NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Professor John Colton (Physics & Astronomy, BYU)

Quantum dots and quantum wells: optical, structural, and spin properties



Tuesday November 6th

Lance Nelson (Physics & Astronomy, BYU)

Advances in Computational Materials


Thursday November 15th (2:00-3:00 PM, N288 ESC)

Professor Steve Lyon (Electrical Engineering, Princeton)

 Electrons on superfluid helium: the world's best charge coupled devices, and the best spin qubits



Tuesday November 20th

    Thanksgiving Holiday week -- no seminar.


Tuesday November 27th

Professor Brian Woodfield (Chemistry & Biochemistry, BYU)

Nanoscale synthesis with applications in catalysis



Tuesday December 4th

Business meeting -- no seminar


Thursday December 6th -- NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Professor Roger Harrison's research group

ZnO nanoparticle assembly into ordered hexagonal capsules



Tuesday December 11th

No seminar

Send email to Branton Campbell if you have questions about the schedule.