Fall 2013 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Winter Semester 2013

Assumed to be in N288 ESC on Thursdays 3:00-4:00 PM unless otherwise specified.  

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Thursday Sept 5

CMG Business meeting


Thursday Sept 12

Prof. Robert Davis (BYU Physics & Astronomy)

Porous Mechanical Oscillators: Could these work as chemical or inertial sensors?


Thursday Sept 19

Greg Sutherland (M.S. program, BYU Physics and Astronomy)


Thursday Sept 26

Prof. Jean-Francois Van Huele (BYU Physics and Astronomy)

Spin and Rashba: A tutorial for the rest of us


Monday Oct. 7

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Vanfleet group


Thursday Oct 10

Four Corners APS meeting practice



Thursday Oct 17

Prof. Vale Molinero (U of U, Chemistry)

Ice, Clathrates, Quasicrystals, and Liquid Crystals: Unraveling the rich phase behavior of water



Thursday Oct 24

Vanfleet/Davis group (BYU, Physics and Astronomy)

AVS practice



Thursday Oct 31

(No seminar...too many CMGers out of town.)


Monday Nov 4

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Fullwood group


Thursday Nov 14

Mark Transtrum

Parameter Space Compression Underlies Emergent Theories and Predictive Models

I will discuss recent work by myself and colleagues connecting microscopic and macroscopic models of physical systems.  I will also explore some of the philosophical implications for the peculiar relationship between mathematics and science.


Thursday Nov 21

Conrad Rosenbrock (Ph.D. program, BYU Physics and Astronomy)

Promoting sparsity in model building



Thursday Nov 28 (Thanksgiving)


Monday Dec 2

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)


Thursday Dec 12



Send email to  Gus Hart if you have questions about the schedule.