Winter 2011 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Winter Semester 2011

Assumed to be in N209 ESC on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM unless otherwise specified.

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January 4th: First week of class -- no seminar.


January 11th

John Colton, BYU Physics & Astronomy

Lightly-doped GaAs: A decade of spin lifetimes and spin resonance  (Part II)



January 18th:

Clark Goble, Amano Artisan Chocolate

The Science of Chocolate



January 25th

Brent L. Adams, BYU Department of Mechanical Engineering

 High-Resolution  EBSD Microscopy for Localization Studies: Opportunities and Challenges



February 1st

Clayton C. Williams, University of Utah, Department of Physics

Atomic scale exploration of electronic states with single electrons



February 8th

Stacey J. Smith, BYU Depts. of Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry & Biochemistry

Al2O3 nanoparticle characterization: Rietveld and PDF meet in the middle


February 15th

Aaron Hawkins, BYU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hollow Optical Waveguides for Particle Detection and Atomic Spectroscopy



February 22nd: Virtual Monday due to President's Day holiday


March 1st

Anthony Pearson, BYU Physics & Astronomy

 Self-Assembling Electronics: A Route to Molecule Sized Circuits


March 8th: APS March Meeting Presentations

Speaker,  Title

Speaker,  Title

Speaker,  Title


March 15th: APS March Meeting Presentations

Speaker, Title

Speaker,  Title

Speaker, Title 


March  22nd: March APS meeting -- no seminar


March  29th

Harold T. Stokes, BYU Physics & Astronomy

ISODISTORT: a web application for exploring distortions in crystals



April 5th

 David Allred, BYU Physics & Astronomy



April 12th

Stefano Curtarolo, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science




Send email to Branton Campbell if you have questions or comments about the schedule.