Winter 2013 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Winter Semester 2013

Assumed to be in N288 ESC on Thursdays 3:00-4:00 PM unless otherwise specified.  


Thursday January 10

NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C407 BNSN)

Jeff Farrer (BYU Physics & Astronomy)

Electron diffraction of nanoparticles in the SEM


Thursday January 17

Prof. Gus W. Hart (BYU Physics & Astronomy)

Compressed sensing as a new paradigm for model building



Thursday January 24

No seminar.


Thursday January 31

Dr. Mark Transtrum (Biomathematics, MD Anderson)


Thursday February 7

NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)


Thursday February 14

No seminar


Thursday February 21

Dr. Andrew Warren (Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center, University of Central Florida)

Synchrotron x-ray scattering investigations of thin-film interface kinetics


Thursday February 28

Prof. Branton Campbell (BYU Physics & Astronomy)

X-ray diffuse scattering in magnetocaloric materials


Thursday March 7

NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Prof. Gregory Nordin's research group

Photonics, Microfluidics, Biosensors and MEMs


Thursday March 14

Prof. John Colton and Tyler Park (BYU Physics & Astronomy)


Thursday March 21

Prof. Jean Francois Vanhuele (BYU Physics & Astronomy)

Quantum Dynamics



Tuesday March 26

Prof. Candace Berrett (BYU Statistics)

Spatio-temporal correlation methods



Thursday April 4

NMIG Seminar (4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

Professor Matt Linford's group (BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Surface modification and characterization



Thursday April 11

Prof. Florian Solzbacher (University of Utah, Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Enabling neuroscience and neural engineering - a generic clinical research platform


Send email to Branton Campbell if you have questions about the schedule.