Winter 2014 Schedule

BYU Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Winter Semester 2014

Assumed to be in N288 ESC on Thursdays 3:00-4:00 PM unless otherwise specified.  


Thursday Jan 9

Gus Hart

The future of computational materials science


Mon Jan 13

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)


Thursday Jan 16

None (NMIG this week)



Thursday Jan 23

Prof. Jean-Francois Van Huele (BYU Physics and Astronomy)

Spin and Rashba II: Beyond 222


Tuesday Jan 28

Manuel Berrondo (Joint meeting with Theory Group, Tuesday N209)



Thursday Feb 6

CMG/NMIG/Chemistry Seminar (Thursday  4:00 PM, W140 BNSN)

Nancy Ross

Framework Materials at High-Pressure: Insights from Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction


Thursday Feb 13

Branton Campbell

Modulated crystals


Thursday Feb 20

Yanping Cai

Spin and orbital moments of Fe3O4 nanoparticles


Thursday Feb 27

Practice talks for Mar APS meeting (Colton and Hart groups)


Monday Mar 3

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)

(Week of March APS meeting)


Thursday Mar 13

CMG students

SRC practice talks

Thursday Mar 20

Gus Hart

Simple numeric integration---not so simple?


Thursday Mar 27

Mark Transtrum

Information Topology and Mathematical Modeling


Monday Apr 7

NMIG Seminar (Monday 4:00 PM, C107 BNSN)


Potential speakers:

Larry Howell (BYU)

Send email to  Gus Hart if you have questions about the schedule.