Physics 108:  Introductory Applied Physics Laboratory

Introductory lab course that emphasizes electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, and optics.  Taught in conjuction with Physics 106.


 Physics 140:  Electronics Lab

Hands-on introduction to analog and digital circuits.


 Physics 145:  Experimental Methods in Physics

Geometric and wave optics, Fourier spectra, time and frequency responses, AC impedance, loudspeakers, data analysis techniques, computer data acquisition and experiment control.


 Physics 198:  Physics and Mathematics Review

Review of mathematics and introductory physics for students returning after a significant time away.


 Physics 220:  Principles of Physics III

A calculus-based electricity & magnetism course that includes electrostatics, magnetism, induction, RLC circuits, Maxwell's equations, and electromagnetic waves.


 Physics 230:  Computational Physics I

Apply  Mathematica's symbolic and numerical mathematics tools to solve challenging problems in mechanics, electromagnetism, optics and special relativity. Topics include algebra, equation solving, calculus, linear algebra, complex numbers, data analysis, optimization, graphics, and both functional and procedural programming methods.


 Physics 360:  Statistical and Thermal Physics

Principles of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, with applications.


 Physics 513R:  X-ray Crystallography and Diffraction

Crystal structure analysis via single-crystal and powder x-ray diffraction, including laboratory components on sample preparation and mounting, data collection and reduction, and structure determination and refinement.


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