Department Directory

Photograph of David Allred
Allred, David

Photograph of Brian Anderson
Anderson, Brian

Associate Professor
Photograph of Adam Bennion
Bennion, Adam

Assistant Professor
Photograph of Scott Bergeson
Bergeson, Scott

Associate Chair
Photograph of Benjamin Boizelle
Boizelle, Benjamin

Assistant Professor
Photograph of Karine Chesnel
Chesnel, Karine

Associate Professor
Photograph of John Colton
Colton, John

Associate Professor
Photograph of Cheryl Davis
Davis, Cheryl

Part-Time Instructor
Photograph of Robert Davis
Davis, Robert

Photograph of Dennis Della Corte
Della Corte, Dennis

Assistant Professor
Photograph of John Ellsworth
Ellsworth, John

Research Laboratories Supervisor
Photograph of Benjamin Frandsen
Frandsen, Benjamin

Assistant Professor
Photograph of Kent Gee
Gee, Kent

Department Chair
Photograph of Grant Hart
Hart, Grant

Associate Professor
Photograph of Gus Hart
Hart, Gus

Photograph of Eric Hintz
Hintz, Eric

Associate Chair
Photograph of Maureen Hintz
Hintz, Maureen

Part-Time Instructor
Photograph of Eric Hirschmann
Hirschmann, Eric

Associate Professor
Photograph of Laralee Ireland
Ireland, Laralee

Part-Time Instructor
Photograph of Mike Joner
Joner, Mike

Research Professor
Photograph of M Jeannette Lawler
Lawler, M Jeannette

Associate Teaching Professor
Photograph of Duane Merrell
Merrell, Duane

Teaching Professor
Photograph of Paul Minson
Minson, Paul

Electron Microscopy Specialist
Photograph of Aleksandr Mosenkov
Mosenkov, Aleksandr

Assistant Professor
Photograph of Traci Neilsen
Neilsen, Traci

Associate Professor
Photograph of Jamison Orton
Orton, Jamison

Service Desk Manager
Photograph of Jeremy Peterson
Peterson, Jeremy

Machinist / Design Engineer
Photograph of Nathan Powers
Powers, Nathan

Associate Teaching Professor
Photograph of Darin Ragozzine
Ragozzine, Darin

Associate Professor
Photograph of Felipe Rivera
Rivera, Felipe

Assistant Research Professor
Photograph of Richard Sandberg
Sandberg, Richard

Associate Professor
Photograph of Heather Schuldt
Schuldt, Heather

Department Secretary
Photograph of Shelena Shamo
Shamo, Shelena

Business Manager
Photograph of Clark Snelgrove
Snelgrove, Clark

Demonstration Coordinator
Photograph of Denise Stephens
Stephens, Denise

Associate Professor
Photograph of Mark Transtrum
Transtrum, Mark

Associate Professor
Photograph of Jean-Francois Van Huele
Van Huele, Jean-Francois

Associate Professor
Photograph of Chris Verhaaren
Verhaaren, Chris

Assistant Professor
Photograph of Michael Ware
Ware, Michael

Associate Professor
Photograph of Daniel Zacharias
Zacharias, Daniel

Computer Support, Systems Administrator

Retired Faculty and Staff

AhYou, Nan Ellen Retired Business Manager
Andersen, Freeman Retired Laboratory Supervisor
Ballif, Jae Retired Professor
Berrondo, Manuel Retired Professor
Christensen, Clark Retired Professor
Clark, Robert Retired Professor
Daniel, W S Retired Electronics Shop Supervisor
Dudley, Duane Retired Professor
Erickson, Mark Ole Retired Staff
Evenson, William Retired Professor
Harrison, Kent Retired Professor
Hess, Bret Retired Professor
Jones, Steven Retired Professor
Knight, Larry Retired Professor
Leishman, Timothy Professor
Lifferth, Wesley Retired Machinist/Design Engineer
Mason, Grant Retired Professor
Merrill, John Retired Professor
Moody, Joseph Retired Professor
Peterson, Bryan Retired Associate Research Professor
Peterson, Wayne Retired Staff
Rasband, Neil Retired Professor
Rees, Lawrence Retired Professor
Sorensen, Diann Retired Department Secretary
Spencer, Ross Retired Professor
Stokes, Harold Retired Professor
Strong, William Retired Professor
Taylor, Benjamin Retired Professor
Turley, Steve Professor
Vanfleet, Howard Retired Professor
Webster, Jean Retired Staff