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Dr. Turley influences the future of physics education during his time as program officer for education division of the National Science Foundation
Dr. Traci Neilsen's new lab to train students in interdisciplinary projects
A new and improved planetarium experience
Ways Students have Adapted to the Pandemic
Dr. Boizelle brings radio astronomy to the department
Dr. Della Corte's computational biophysics is the heart of the new Consortium of Molecular Design
Dr. Scott Sommerfeldt awarded the Silver Medal of the Acoustical Society of America for work in active noise control
Plans of the class of 2021
Dr. Hart's sabbatical propels work on new techniques for constructing interatomic potentials
Sandberg group studying ultrafast optics to find new materials
Transtrum received a BYU Early Career Scholarship Award.
Eric Hirschman received an Outstanding Service Award from the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
New state-of-the-art 23 inch telescope making access to the night sky a dream come true
New self-enclosed mill to enhance machining capabilities