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  • Levi Barnes, “Flexible Sets of Basis Functions for First Principles Calculations of Ground-State Energy in Crystalline Solids,” Advisor: Harold Stokes (Senior Thesis, May 2000).
  • Philip M. Nelson, “Effects of Fluorination on Gramicidin A Conductance: Analysis of Data Using 3B2S Model, Symbolic Math Software and Statistical Computations,” Advisor: David D. Busath (Honors Thesis, February 2000).
  • Liberty Rae Schwendiman, “A PHotometric Study of the Anomalous Second Period in V567 Ophiuchi,” Advisor: Eric Hintz (Senior Thesis, June 2000).
  • Liberty Rae Schwendiman, “A Photometric Study of the Anomalous Second Period in V567 Ophiuchi,” Advisor: Eric Hintz (Senior Thesis, January 2000).
  • Steven L Tait, Jr., “A Comparative Study of Various Display Formats of Speech Frequncy Spectra to Aid Lip Readers,” Advisor: William Strong (Honors Thesis, June 2000).
  • Ribeka Takahashi, “Goldhelox Project Soft X-Ray Detecting System,” Advisor: (Senior Thesis, May 2000).
  • Nephi Thompson, “A Three-Barrier Two-Site Analysis of Gramicidin Conductance in Fluorinated and Native Peptides,” Advisor: David Busath (Honors Thesis, July 2000).
  • Owen Dennis Yeates, “Transcendence: Reassessing the Religious Thinking of Sir Isaac Newton,” Advisor: David E. Bohn (Honors Thesis, March 2000).


  • Kenneth S. Anderson, “Single-Beam Optical Trapping of Micron-Sized Particles,” Advisor: Justin Peatross (Honors Thesis, April 1999).
  • Christopher Bass, “Characterization of CdSe Nanocrystal Photodiodes,” Advisor: Bret Hess (Senior Thesis, August 1999).
  • Robert K. Bradford, “Characterization of Pi-Proton Events Producing Charged Tracks and Four Gammas,” Advisor: Steve Turley (Senior Thesis, May 1999).
  • Sam Carter, “Classifying Bushes of Molecular Vibrational Modes According to their Universality Classes,” Advisor: Harold Stokes (Senior Thesis, January 1999).
  • Sterling W. Cornaby, “Heliostat for Educational Display,” Advisor: Justin Peatross (Senior Thesis, April 1999).
  • Matthew Bodell Garvin, “V927 Herculis: δ Scuti γ Doradus?,” Advisor: Eric Hintz (Honors Thesis, November 1999).
  • Thomas Grant Jenkins, “The Dynamic Alternating-Direction-Implicit Algorithm,” Advisor: Ross Spencer (Senior Thesis, April 1999).
  • Angela Johnson, “Calculations of the Calcium 4s4p1P10 Radiative Lifetime via Molecular Spectroscopy of the Diatomic B1SigmaU+ State,” Advisor: Scott Bergeson (Honors Thesis, June 1999).
  • Brent E. Kraczek, “Study of Quantum Computation Through Simulation of Shor's Algorithm on a Classical Computer,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Honors Thesis, May 1999).
  • Shannon Lunt, “The Use of Genetic Algorithms in Multilayer Mirror Optimization,” Advisor: Steve Turley (Honors Thesis, March 1999).
  • Mary Landon Martin, “Determining Spin Wave Stiffness in a Colossal Magnetoresistive Thin Film,” Advisor: Bret Hess (Honors Thesis, June 1999).
  • Scott E. Perry, “Design, Construction, and Testing of an External-Beam PIXE System for Coin and Manuscript Analysis at Brigham Young University,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (Honors Thesis, March 1999).
  • Paul Sorensen, “Thermovision 780 System,” Advisor: Justin Peatross (Senior Thesis, April 1999).
  • Matthew B. Squires, “On Determining the Optical Constants of Sputtered U and a-Si at 304 and 484 Å,” Advisor: David Allred (Honors Thesis, March 1999).
  • Michael Ware, “Phase Delay and Energy Flow in Angularly Dispersive Optical Systems,” Advisor: Justin Peatross (Honors Thesis, March 1999).



  • Marshall Bartlett, “Pressure Dependence of Molecular Reorientation in the Low-Temperature Phases of Potassium Cyanide,” Advisor: Harold Stokes (Senior Thesis, April 1997).
  • Renee George, “High-Order Basis Functions on Wires,” Advisor: Steve Turley (Honors Thesis, February 1997).
  • Derek Hullinger, “Analysis and Design of the Solar Funnel,” Advisor: Steven Jones (Senior Thesis, September 1997).
  • Zerubbabel A. Johnson, “Simulation of a Quantum Computer on a Classical Computer,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Honors Thesis, July 1997).
  • Cavendish McKay, “Collisionless Damping of Plasma Waves in Finite-Length Non-Neutral Plasmas,” Advisor: Ross Spencer (Senior Thesis, April 1997).
  • Damian P. Menscher, “Modeling the Quantum Computer on the Classical Computer,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Honors Thesis, July 1997).
  • Brent Morring, “Complimentarity Versus Uncertainty,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Senior Thesis, August 1997).
  • Steve Summers, “Ultrashort Laser Pulses,” Advisor: Bret Hess (Senior Thesis, April 1997).
  • Scott L. Vance, “Search for Fusion from Sonoluminescence in Ammonium Amalgam: A Null Result,” Advisor: Steven Jones (Honors Thesis, February 1997).


  • David Christiansen, “Development of Diagnostics for an X-Ray Laser,” Advisor: Larry Knight (Senior Thesis, May 1996).
  • Teresa Griffin Fairbanks, “The Characteristic Frequency of Formamidinium-Induced Noise in Gramicidin A Channels: Voltage and Concentration Dependence,” Advisor: David D. Busath (Honors Thesis, August 1996).
  • Dawn K. Gifford, “Comparison of ORPA Suprathermal Electron and OPA Solar Wind Proton Data from the Pioneer Venus Orbiter,” Advisor: Douglas Jones (Honors Thesis, March 1996).
  • Samuel T. Jones, “Physical Analysis of Olmec Artifacts,” Advisor: Steven Jones (Honors Thesis, March 1996).
  • Lee Loveridge, “Applying Supersymmetry to Quantum Mechanics with a study of Bound States in the Continuum,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Senior Thesis, May 1996).
  • Karl D. Nelson, “Thermoacoustic Cooling,” Advisor: Mark Nelson (Honors Thesis, December 1996).
  • Gregory B. Thompson, “Reactive Gas Sputtering of Lithium Compound Thin Films,” Advisor: David Allred (Senior Thesis, June 1996).
  • B. Scott Williams, “On Photo-Assisted Atomic Layered Epitaxy of Iron Pentacarbonyl,” Advisor: Larry Knight (Senior Thesis, August 1996).


  • Jonathan A. Bennett, “Discrepancy Between Theory and Experiment of Aspect Ratio Measurements in Non-Neutral Plasmas,” Advisor: Grant Mason (Honors Thesis, November 1995).
  • Taylor Y. Cardall, “Exploitation of Interfacial Tension as a Noninvasive Diagnostic Method for Canned Food Products,” Advisor: Steven Jones (Honors Thesis, July 1995).
  • Joel Curzon, “An Evaluation of the Supreme Court Decision in Wickard v. Filburn in Light of the Original Intent of the Constitution and Early Pecedent,” Advisor: Dr. Gary Bryner (Honors Thesis, July 1995).
  • Dale Eliason, “Software Intellectual Property: Billings 4,714,989 Patent Validity and Impact,” Advisor: Evan L. Ivie (Honors Thesis, March 1995).
  • William Henstrom, “Computational Study of Cluster Models for Crystals Used as Gamma Ray Scintillators,” Advisor: Manuel Berrondo (Senior Thesis, April 1995).
  • Mitch Larsen, “Construction of Optical Components by Ultrastructure Processing,” Advisor: Larry Knight (Senior Thesis, February 1995).
  • Kenneth Nelson, “A Photometric Study of the Pulsation Period for BL Camelopardalis,” Advisor: Mike Joner (Honors Thesis, April 1995).
  • Noe Yamaguchi, “Pioneer Venus Orbiter Retarding Potential Analyzer Observations of the Electron Component of teh Solar Wind, and of the Venus Bow Shock and Magnetosheath,” Advisor: Douglas Jones (Honors Thesis, March 1995).
  • Y. E. Young, “The Piecewise Parabolic Method in Plasma Simulation,” Advisor: Ross Spencer (Honors Thesis, March 1995).


  • Kristen Adams, “A Presentation of the Mapping of LBN434 and Its Ramifications on the Assumption of Clear Seeing at high Galactic Lattitudes,” Advisor: Joseph Moody (Honors Thesis, July 1994).
  • Arle S. Beckwith, “Particle Interferometry to Understand the Quantum Entity,” Advisor: Jean-Francois Van Huele (Senior Thesis, August 1994).
  • R. K. Berg, “Solutions of the Convection Equation by the Piecewise Parabolic Method,” Advisor: Ross Spencer (Honors Thesis, April 1994).
  • Grant Jensen, “A Comparison of Asynchronous and Synchronous Speech Analysis,” Advisor: William Strong (Honors Thesis, April 1994).
  • Michael J. Lund, “Proposed Walk-In Labs for Physics 431: Critical Phenomena and Vapor-Liquid Coexistence,” Advisor: Dean Barnett (Senior Thesis, May 1994).
  • Lisi Anne Neff, “Mathematical and Graphical Investigation of a Complex-Variable Description of Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Fields,” Advisor: Everett Larson (Honors Thesis, November 1994).
  • Matthew Neil Rasband, “Motsa Optimization Using Vascular Phantoms,” Advisor: William Dibble (Honors Thesis, April 1994).
  • Shawn Young, “Searching for Asymptotically Flat Metrics in Cylindrical Coordinates,” Advisor: Kent Harrison (Senior Thesis, May 1994).


  • Christian Y. Cardall, “Extraction of Dynamical Equations from Chaoitic Data,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (Honors Thesis, July 1993).


  • Branton Campbell, “Pulsed Nuclear Magneitic Resonance Study of (NH4)2(SO4)3,” Advisor: Harold Stokes (Senior Thesis, May 1992).
  • Richard Clawson, “Analysis of New Family of Vacuum Solutions of the Equations of General Relativity,” Advisor: Kent Harrison (Senior Thesis, May 1992).
  • Evan D. Hansen, “High Purity Crystalline Silicon,” Advisor: Larry Knight (Honors Thesis, April 1992).
  • Nathan Rhead Hilton, “Characterization of Multilayers Using a Scanning Probe Microscope,” Advisor: Larry Knight (Honors Thesis, May 1992).
  • Mont A. Johnson, “Simulation of a Simplified Violin Via Computer,” Advisor: William Strong (Senior Thesis, April 1992).



  • Stephen M. Setzer, “M Giant Space Density in the MF17 Region,” Advisor: Clark Christensen (Honors Thesis, July 1990).