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BYU Physics and Astronomy student Benjamin Proudfoot recently published research in the prestigious journal Nature Communications that solves the mystery of the icy dwarf planet Haumea's formation.
Students and faculty from theBYU Astronomy and Physics department captured images from space at an observatory in New Mexico to research explaining the evolution of the universe.
Dr. Turley influences the future of physics education during his time as program officer for education division of the National Science Foundation
A new and improved planetarium experience
Ways Students have Adapted to the Pandemic
Dr. Boizelle brings radio astronomy to the department
Dr. Della Corte's computational biophysics is the heart of the new Consortium of Molecular Design
Dr. Scott Sommerfeldt awarded the Silver Medal of the Acoustical Society of America for work in active noise control
Dr. Hart's sabbatical propels work on new techniques for constructing interatomic potentials
Sandberg group studying ultrafast optics to find new materials

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