New Campus 0.6-m Telescope

On February 22, 2020 a new 0.61-m telescope was installed in the campus observatory on the top of the Eyring Science Center.  This is a new state-of-the-art PlaneWave CDK24 telescope.  It is currently in the process of being commissioned to make it a fully robotic system.  This telescope will support undergraduate student research, the observational astronomy class (Phscs 329), and potentially the descriptive astronomy class (Phscs 127).  Early test targets will include transiting planet candidates from the NASA TESS satellite and pulsating variable stars.

News and Events

Image for New Faculty Member, Dr. Greg Francis
Dr. Greg Francis joins faculty, specializing in Physics Education
Image for Steve Summers' Insights for Students
Alumni Steve Summers answers interview questions for current students
Image for Wesley Morgan Doubles AP Physics Enrollment
Y Magazine recognizes finalist for the 2023 National Science Foundation’s Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Image for BYU Women in Physics Students Thrive at CUWiP
Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics provides support and opportunities for female BYU physics students
Image for New Faculty Member, Dr. Micah Shepherd
Dr. Micah Shepherd, Acoustic Physicist, joins faculty
Image for Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Using Magnetism
Dr. Karine Chesnel awarded Interdisciplinary Research Origination Grant
Image for Sommerfeldts Called as Mission Leaders
Professor Scott and Lisa Sommerfeldt in Missouri Independence Mission
Image for Adam Fennimore's Insights for Students
Alumni Adam Fennimore shares career insights for current students
Image for Society of Physics Students Awarded Outreach Grant
BYU's SPS is selected for Marsh Award for their outreach plan with Boys & Girls Club
Image for Rocket Noise and Bird Songs
Hart, Gee, and their research group study the impact of rocket noise on wildlife
Image for Dr. Ragozzine's Nice, France Obersvatoire Sabbatical
Darin Ragozzine collaborates with leading planetary scientists in France