John Ellsworth

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Photograph of John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth

Research Laboratories Supervisor


  • C251 ESC
  • 801.422.3332   (office)
  • 801.422.5311   (lab)

Office Hours

 by appointment

Meetings and Assignments

  • Technical Coordination Meeting, Thur at 2PM
  • Underwater Acoustics Research, Tue at 3PM
  • XUV Research, Wed at 2PM
  • Astronomy, Thur at 11AM
  • Devotional/Forum Thur at 11AM
  • Physics Colloquium Fri at noon.
  • Laboratory Nuclear Astrophysics Research (LNAR)
  • LNAR report meeting Mon 4PM in C258 ESC
  • LNAR training at 4PM Wed at 4PM in C258 ESC
  • LNAR in lab Mon 2-4, Wed 1-3 and 3-4, Fri 2-4



Specialty: Research Laboratories Supervision / Laboratory Nuclear Astrophysics

Supervised Theses and Dissertations

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