Clark Snelgrove

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Clark Snelgrove

Clark Snelgrove

Instructional Support


Office Hours

By appointment, check with my assistants in N184 ESC if I am not available.

Meetings and Assignments

Teaching Improvement Committee 1st Wednesday each month 9 AM-10AM

University Devotional/Forum Tuesday 11 AM-12 PM

Demonstration Area Staff Meeting Wednesday 2 PM-3 PM

Teaching Labs Development Friday 10 AM-11 AM

Department Colloquium Friday 12 PM-1PM

Lab Committee Meeting Friday 1 PM-2 PM


Specialty: Physics Educational Support

Publication List

Professional Bio

PhD course work at Virginia Tech in STEM curriculum and Instruction. (Dissertation not completed).

Master in Physics Teaching, University of Utah, 2000

BA in Physics Teaching, Brigham Young University, 1985

Sixteen years working in public education teaching physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

Four years as an Educational support specialist at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA

Three years as a test engineer measuring high frequency (1-300 GHz) microwave devices.

Personal interests are in nuclear science and technology with a particular interest in fourth generation nuclear reactor. My favorite fourth generation reactor designs are based on the 1960s Molten Salt Reactor Experiment performed at Oakridge National Laboratory (1965-1967). Current development of Molten Salt based nuclear reactor is being done here at BYU as well as other universities and several privately funded companies.

I also research primary sources to support a better public understand nuclear science and dispel common misconceptions about nuclear.

I am currently working on developing lab activities for the general physics courses.