The Department of Physics and Astronomy operates a machine shop in its Underground Laboratory Facilities. From time to time students will need to fabricate devices for experiments for courses or research. To be able to use any piece of equipment in the shop you must do four things:

  1. Have in your possession and wear at all times in the shop a pair of the appropriate safety glasses (available at the Bookstore),
  2. Carefully read and understand the shop use guide, available here
  3. Fill out the one page safety questionnaire Machine Shop Usage Safety Agreement (click here to view) and submit it to the lab assistant in N163.
  4. Take the Machine Use Training with one of the lab assistants and receive an "Authorization to Use" for each machine you wish to use. Your name will be posted by each machine when granted.

The Machine Use Training is a session with an instructor where you will be taught the do's and don'ts for a machine. This is required for each machine in the shop. After you have completed the Machine Use Training for a particular machine your name and identification will be added to the certification list which will be your permission to use that particular equipment. Use of a machine without certification is unauthorized and may result in loss of shop access and use privileges.