Photo Gallery

Enjoy a smattering of photos from the group, in no particular order.

2024-04-partial_compressed.jpgPartial group photo, April 2024. Left to right: Ethan, Blake, Ben, Edison, Tsunami.

Christiana_Emma_Braedon_PaulSarte_Vancouver_compressed.jpgPaul, Braedon, Emma, and Christiana in beautiful Vancouver, BC enjoying some downtime during a muon experiment at TRIUMF.

Braedon_loading_sample_compressed.pngBraedon loading a sample on the NOMAD instrument at Oak Ridge National Lab.

graduating_students_April2023_compressed.jpgGraduation April 2023! Left to right: Russel, Ben, Raju, Emma, Kristi.

Raju_dissertation_defense.jpgRaju's dissertation defense in December 2022. Congratulations!!

camille-emma-matt-triumf.jpgCamille, Emma, and Matt at TRIUMF.

paperclips-TRIUMF.jpgBalancing paper clips on our fingertips in the magnetic field created by the cyclotron at TRIUMF.

BlakeHawkins_NSLS-II-2023-2-compressed.jpgBlake running the show on the PDF beamline at NSLS-II in Brookhaven National Lab.

NSLSII_cryomagnet_photo_compressed.jpgLooking up the beamline at NSLS-II (don't worry, the x-ray beam was off!). Can you spot Ben?

camille-raphael-matt-beach.jpgCamille, Raphael, and Matt enjoying a sunset at the beach in Vancouver during a muon experiment.