Principal Investigator

  • Mark K. Transtrum


  • Cody Petrie

Graduate Students

  • Alden Pack (Ph.D. Candidate)
    The superconducting superheating transition

  • Ben Francis (Ph.D. Candidate)
    Sloppy modeling in power systems

  • Katrina Pedersen (Ph.D. Candidate)
    Geospatial modeling of acoustic soundscapes

  • Kolten Barfuss (M.S. Candidate)
    Information Toplogy of Statistical Mechanics

  • Yonatan Kurniawan (M.S. Candidate)
    Information Geometry of Interatomic Potentials in KIM

  • Christian Anderson (Ph.D. Candidate)
    Sloppy Model analysis of bifurcations in dynamical systems

Former Group Members

  • Jared Carlson (B.S. 2019)
    Graduate School at Michigan State

  • Aiden Harbick (2018 REU from Williams and Mary)

  • Tyler Bahr (B.S. 2018)
    Medical School at UT Health, San Antonio

  • Amy Murdaugh (2017 REU from Union University)

  • Kolten Barfuss (B.S. 2017)
    Physicist at Hill Air Force Base

  • Andrew White (B.S. 2017)
    Medical School at Saint Louis University

  • Merrill Asp (B.S. 2016)
    Graduate School in Physics at University of Syracuse

  • Casie Gaza (2016 REU from Linfield College)
    Math and Science Teacher in Nephi, Utah

  • Alexander Shumway (B.S. 2016)
    Graduate School in Mathematics at BYU

  • Michael Zarian (B.S. 2016)
    Law School at University of Chicago

  • Dane Bjork (B.S. 2015)
    Graduate School in Computer Science at BYU