Internship Opportunities


What could I gain from an internship?

  • Practical, marketable skills
  • Increased likelihood of a job offer after graduation
  • Expanded professional network, including potential references for future job applications

How can I tell if an internship opportunity is worthwhile?

  • Assigned supervisor who will work closely with you
  • Substantive assignments and responsibilities
  • Periodic evaluations of your work
  • Reputable company/organization with a track record of preparing their interns for success

How do I increase my chances of getting an internship?

  • Start looking early; December, January, and February is when many summer internship opportunities are advertised
  • Seek letters of recommendation early from professors and other mentors.
  • Polish your resume and your profile for LinkedIn and Handshake. Free help available here!
  • Attend the STEM Career Fair each Fall and Winter semester.
  • User your personal connections!

Where should I look for internships?

The best asset in pursuing an internship or job opportunity is to be bold. Don't be shy!