Steve Turley Home

This is a home page for Steve Turley. I am a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Brigham Young University.

My office is room N319 in the Eyring Science Center (ESC). Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions, you will seldom find me there. Instead, please contact me at and I'll set up a Zoom meeting with you.

My phone number is (801)422-3095 on campus. If you would like to send me email, you can do so by clicking on this link or my address at the bottom of this page.


In Winter 2021, I am teaching Writing in Physics (Physics 416) and Electrodynamics (Physics 442). You can find the course web pages on Canvas. The course web pages have the Zoom link to access the courses which will be "Live Remote Delivery."

Winter 2021 Schedule

Monday10:00-10:50Class PrepRemote
 11:00-11:50Physics 442Remote

1:00-1:50Office HoursRemote*
Tuesday9:30-10:45Physics 416Remote
 11:00-11:50 Devotional/ForumBYUtv

2:00-2:50Research MtgRemote
 Wednesday10:00-10:50Class PrepRemote

11:00-11:50Physics 442Remote

2:00-2:50Office HoursRemote*

3:00-3:50416 FacultyRemote

5:00-5:50STEMFI TeamRemote
Thursday9:30-10:45Physics 416Remote
 11:00-12:00Department Meeting or
 1:00-1:50Research MtgRemote

3:00-3:50Office HoursRemote*
Friday10:00-10:50Class PrepRemote
 11:00-11:50Physics 442Remote

12:00-12:50Faculty DiscussionRemote

4:00-4:50Research MtgRemote

* Remote Office hours at  //

If you would like to see me at a time other than my scheduled office hours, please send me email or leave me a message (801-422-3095) to set up an appointment. 

Questions: mail