X-Ray Optics Research

I am working on a project with Prof. David Allred and a group of undergraduate and graduate students that began with designing and testing a mirror for the Medium Exploror (MIDEX) Program. Our mirror was part of a device for imaging the upper atmosphere from space at a wavelength of 304 Angstroms. The mirror we designed was to have a relatively high reflectivity at 304 Angstroms (>20%) and a low reflectivity at 584 Angstroms (<0.2%). The research involves computer aided optical design, multi-layer mirror fabrication, measurement of optical properties of materials, and design and fabrication of test and measurement components. The mirror was incorporated in the instrument being built by the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona. After testing, the instrument was integrated with others in the payload and launched in early 2000. My students and I are responsible for optical design and other computational aspects of the program. In addition we built a reflectometer for measuring optical properties of XUV optics and coatings. Recently, we designed and built an XUV polarimeter to enable us to accurately determine optical constants in this wavelength regime.

Our group uses the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley Lab for some of our research.

Publications and Presentations

Spring Research Conference Presentations (2003)

  • Elke Jackson, "Rectifying Data Differences: ALS vs. Monochromator" PDF Power Point
  • Luke Bissell, "Determining Ruthenium's Optical Constants in the Extreme Ultraviolet" PDF Power Point

Spring Research Conference Presentations (2002)

  • Elke Jackson, "Monochromator Improvements and Focussing"
  • Fabian Walter, "Obtaining soft x-ray constants across the 2p edge in Fe films by resonant magnetic scattering experiments of polarized soft X-rays"
  • Nick Webb, "Oxidations Rates of Vandium"
  • Raymond Rios, "Building and Testing an XUV polarimeter"
  • Ryan Anderson, "Dual Mirror Optical System for use with Grazing Incidence Spectrograph"
  • Shannon Lunt, "Optical Properties of Thin-film Uranium Oxide in the XUV"

Data Analysis Links

Thorium transmission database

Data log  information from July, 2004 runs at ALS.

Research Notes

Data files on log books, dark current analysis, growth run sheets, and window materials.

Circuit  diagram for Octagonal chamber control box.

JFIT Fitting Program

PDF Users Guide and Installation Guide

zip file for Windows or Linux Installation