Teaching Assistant Wage Information

TA Wages

We are in the process of moving to a new TA pay structure that is based on experience, training classes and hours of service. Below are the details for Spring/Summer 2023, but we plan to continue to add ways to increase pay such as a potential future TA training class. Those who TA for Phscs 230, Phscs 330, and Phscs 430 will be paid through BYU Online who set their own pay levels.

Base Levels

Wages for TAs are based experience.  That entails the completion of certain introductory physics courses which allow the student to TA more classes.

Level 1: No criteria.

Level 2: Completion of Phscs 105, 106, 107, and 108 with at least a B- in each.  This allows students to TA all the lower division non-calculus classes and labs.

Level 3: Completion of physics 121, 123, 220 with at least a B-.

Level 4: Completion of physics 121, 123, 220, 222 with at least a B-.

Advanced Physics Labs TA: Those undergraduates to TA for 225, 240, 245

Senior Level Student Assistant: Those undergraduates who TA for 318, 321, 329, 360, 427/428, 441/442, 451/452, 461, or 471. Very advanced undergraduates who TA 500 level classes would be included in this group.

Winter 2024 pay rates

These fit within the new university pay guidelines. Note that both Level 1 and Level 2 have gone from Fall 2023 levels.

Level 1, $13.80/hr

Level 2, $14.65/hr

Level 3, $14.80/hr

Level 4, $15.50/hr

Advanced Physics Lab Student Assistant: $16.00

Senior Level: $16.40/hr

Experience credit

Starting Fall 2023

We boost your pay by $0.35/hour for every 30 hours of TA assignments accepted.  This accumulated over your entire time of service. It should add-up faster than the old system and allow more frequent raises.

TA Training Class credit

At some point in the future we will add a TA training class, with perhaps two levels. Taking each level will provide a permanent pay increase after completion of the class.

Experimental Lab TA credit

We will boost your pay by $0.25/hour if you are currently working as a TA in an experimental lab class like 107 or 108.

This pay increase applies only to the lab class you are teaching. Plus, this credit is not permanent, but only applies the semester/term when you actually TA for a lab class. Also, the Advanced Physics Lab and Senior Level boosts only apply in semester where you TA one of the listed classes.

Department pay cap

There is a department pay cap of $17.50/hour for undergraduate TAs, which is also the maximum level from the University guidelines. If your experience and Lab TA credits make your pay go over $17.50/hour, we will have to cap it at that level. Those at the senior level will be reclassified and be able to go over $17.50/hour.