Teaching Assistant Wage Information

TA Wages

We are in the process of moving to a new TA pay structure that is based on experience, training and years of service. Below are the details for Winter 2022, but we plan to continue to add ways to increase pay such as a potential future TA training class.

Base Levels

Wages for TAs are based experience.  That entails the completion of certain introductory physics courses which allow the student to TA more classes.

Level 1: No criteria.

Level 2: Completion of Phscs 108 with at least a B-.  This allows students to TA all the lower division classes and labs.

Level 3: Completion of physics 121, 123, 220 with at least a B-.

Level 4: Completion of physics 121, 123, 220, 222 with at least a B-.

Winter 2022 pay rates

These fit within the new university pay guidelines.

Level 1, $12.10/hr

Level 2, $12.75/hr

Level 3, $13.40/hr

Level 4, $14.10/hr

Experience credit

We boost your pay by $0.50/hour for every 2 1/2 semesters you work for us. Spring and Summer terms count as 1/2 semester each.

Working Fall, Winter and Spring will give you a $0.50 raise. Working Fall, Winter, and the following Fall will give you a raise at the beginning of the next Winter semester.

Experimental Lab TA credit

We will boost your pay by $0.25/hour if you are currently working as a TA in an experimental lab class. These labs include Physics 107, 108, 240, and 245. Other classes may be added in the future.

This pay increase applies to all assignments you receive that semester. If you work both a lab assignment and a grading assignment, the lab TA credit applies to both jobs.

This credit is not permanent, but only applies the semester/term when you actually TA for a lab class.

Department pay cap

There is a department pay cap of $17.00/hour for undergraduate TAs, which is also the maximum level for the new university guidelines. If your experience and Lab TA credits make your pay go over $17.00/hour, we will have to cap it at that level.