Student Mailing List

General information

The department maintains two student mailing lists to help Physics & Astronomy faculty and staff communicate with students majoring in Physics-related majors. Students in a related major are automatically subscribed to either the Undergraduate or Graduate mailing list at the beginning of each semester.

Both lists are relatively low-volume and are only used for informing students of department-related events and information. We strongly recommend all Physics students stay subscribed to the list while they are a student. If you would still like to unsubscribe, see below.

Note: If you choose to remove yourself from the student mailing list you are responsible for any information you may miss out on. Messages sent to the list often include important information about topics such as graduation, social events, and class scheduling that Physics & Astronomy faculty and staff want students to be aware of.

Students should automatically be removed from the mailing lists upon leaving the university, but sometimes we do not receive correct information from BYU and a student will need to be removed manually.

Modifying Subscription Status

Visit the Graduate list or Undergraduate list to manually subscribe or unsubscribe.

If you have trouble using the Dept. Mailing Lists site, please submit a Service Request and we will assist you.

Contact the IT Support Office if you have any questions.