Computer Accounts

Obtaining Access to Department Resources

Department computer accounts are now tied to your university account. This means that you will be able to logon to most department resources with your BYU NetID and password if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are declared as any physics or astronomy major or minor
  • You are enrolled in PHYS 230 or above
  • You are a member of a department research or support group
  • You have been granted a special exemption

Available Department Resources

Students can login to most ESC Lab Computers including those in N363 and N212 (when a class is not in session). The door codes for these rooms can be obtained from Margaret Ludlow in ESC N284. 

Students also have access to BOX and OneDrive which can store personal and school files. These files can be accessed from any computer in the labs using box drive or OneDrive. It is strongly recommended that students always save important files to box, or any other online storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or to their own removable media as the lab computers are formatted often. Additionally it is strongly encouraged that students add a second, non-byu email address to their Box account. 

Research Group Specific Accounts

Some research groups have computer systems in addition to the general Physics and Astronomy system. Access to those systems can be obtained with permission from the group leaders. Contact the specific research group leader for instructions on how to obtain access.


If you need access to department resources, but do not meet the criteria for automatic inclusion then contact the IT Support Office in N337. You will need a department member to confirm your request before the IT Support office will create an exception.