Society Membership

BYU Astronomical Society Membership

Official Membership Requirements

  • $5 dues per semester
  • Register at
  • Help assist with the deck (see below)

Benefits of Society Membership

  • Make great friends and great memories
  • Learn to use telescopes (we have big ones!)
  • Learn to run the planetarium
  • Learn your way around the night sky
  • Free admittance to planetarium
  • Learn awesome facts to amaze your friends

Get Involved

Stay Connected

  • Subscribe to our e-mail list
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook
  • Check the website and bulletin board (by the planetarium entrance and in front of the 2nd floor north elevator) for regular updates

Join the Society

  • Register at
  • Help the club each Friday night at our public planetarium shows (see below)
  • Spend the night with us up in the mountains! (Not really, but technically...) Star parties are more fun than most people anticipate! The club always needs more people to help set up and run telescopes. Visit the star parties page for more info.

Friday Nights

  • Two public planetarium shows every Friday night
  • Public invited out to the astronomy observation deck after each show
  • Club members set up and operate the telescopes for the public's viewing pleasure
  • Ideal time to learn about operating telescopes and navigating the night sky
  • Plenty of time for one-on-one tutoring due to the public's short attentions span
  • No better way to learn astronomy than this!

For more information, please contact us!