Star Parties

Astronomical Society Star Parties

Upcoming Star Parties

  • 7:30pm Friday Night star parties on the ESC Observing Deck (weather permitting)

What to Expect

  • Lots of telescopes big and small
  • Happy sounding silhouettes in the dark
  • Cold weather (best for stargazing!)

Before You Arrive

  • Dress twice as warm as you normally would dress for cold weather
  • Wear layers and bring extra warm clothing
  • Bring binoculars or a telescope if you want
  • Grab a snack
  • Find your significant other (because the stars are awfully romantic...)

Tips For Surviving Frigid Star Parties

  • Wear a winter hat
  • Wear a coat (or multiple coats) that come below your buttocks and cinch up. This keeps cold air from coming up from beneath and helps you stay surprisingly warm
  • Change clothes before coming - change even your underclothes. The slight perspiration from the day on these will make you cold despite any other measures you take.
  • Don't wear cotton close to your skin, when you perspire cotton will make you colder. Synthetic fabrics and wool are your friends in cold weather!
  • Wool socks.

Star Party Locations

Big Springs Park (40 19' 56.3" N; 111 31' 29.2" W)

  • Travel up Provo Canyon
  • Turn right at Vivian Park
  • Travel through Vivian Park approximately 3.3 miles
  • Turn right into Big Springs Park
  • Continue straight, then turn at the Star Party sign
  • Travel through the park to the upper parking lot
  • Click here for a Google map of the site

Other Dark Sky Sites Near Provo

To submit new locations, please contact us!