Star Parties

Astronomical Society Star Parties

Upcoming Star Parties

  • 9-10pm Friday Night star parties on the ESC Observing Deck (weather permitting)

What to Expect

  • Lots of telescopes big and small
  • Happy sounding silhouettes in the dark
  • Cold weather (best for stargazing!)

Before You Arrive

  • Dress twice as warm as you normally would dress for cold weather
  • Wear layers and bring extra warm clothing
  • Bring binoculars or a telescope if you want
  • Grab a snack
  • Find your significant other (because the stars are awfully romantic...)

Tips For Surviving Frigid Star Parties

  • Wear a winter hat
  • Wear a coat (or multiple coats) that come below your buttocks and cinch up. This keeps cold air from coming up from beneath and helps you stay surprisingly warm
  • Change clothes before coming - change even your underclothes. The slight perspiration from the day on these will make you cold despite any other measures you take.
  • Don't wear cotton close to your skin, when you perspire cotton will make you colder. Synthetic fabrics and wool are your friends in cold weather!
  • Wool socks.

Star Party Locations

We do not host regular star parties at these sites, but they are great places to go if you're interested in getting to know the night sky better!

Big Springs Park (40 19' 56.3" N; 111 31' 29.2" W)

  • Travel up Provo Canyon
  • Turn right at Vivian Park
  • Travel through Vivian Park approximately 3.3 miles
  • Turn right into Big Springs Park
  • Continue straight, then turn at the Star Party sign
  • Travel through the park to the upper parking lot
  • Click here for a Google map of the site

Other Dark Sky Sites Near Provo

To submit new locations, please contact us!