Kent Gee

Kent L. Gee, Associate Professor of Physics, joined the faculty at Brigham Young University after completing his PhD in Acoustics at Penn State in 2005.  His primary research emphasis is the characterization of high-amplitude noise sources and fields through data analysis and imaging methods.  He maintains a research group with multiple concurrent students and has published 80+ articles and proceedings papers in these areas.  Kent has received funding from Office of Naval Research, NASA, Air Force Research Laboratory, NSF, and several industry sponsors, including ATK Space Systems.  He has made and analyzed extensive near and far-field measurements of the F-22A and F-35A and B variants and several large solid rocket motors, including the five-segment Shuttle booster replacement. 

Some of his research highlights include: (1) development of a numerical model for far-field nonlinear military jet noise propagation, (2)  confirmation of nonlinear effects in the near and far fields for military jets and rockets, (3) development of near-field acoustical holography methods for use on a full-scale jet aircraft jet plume, (4) source characterization of near-field rocket and military jets with a new method of calculating vector acoustic intensity, and (5) an improved understanding of crackle in jet noise. In 2010, Kent received the R. Bruce Lindsay early career award from the Acoustical Society of America “for contributions to the fields of jet noise propagation, nonlinear acoustics, and active control of fan noise.” He was named an ASA Fellow in 2015 for "contributions to jet-noise and nonlinear propagation." In 2011 and 2015, he received a Brigham Young University Young Scholar Award and Lawrence K. Egbert Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellowship, respectively. 

In addition to his high-amplitude noise work, Dr. Gee has also published in other areas of acoustics including active noise control, where he holds one patent with another pending, near-field acoustical holography, vibroacoustics of musical instruments, and in the development and analysis of physics education demonstrations. 

Beyond the traditional university laboratory environment, his activities as a scientist-citizen include mentoring multiple undergraduate students and outreach to more than 3000 K-12 students and members of the public through tours and demonstration shows.   Dr. Gee is Editor of the Acoustical Society of America's Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics.