Research Areas, Collaborators, and Sponsors

Research interests: nonlinear acoustics, aeroacoustics, jet noise, rocket noise, blast noise, active noise control, outdoor sound propagation, musical acoustics, education in acoustics, physics education.

Jet Aeroacoustics

  • Military Fighter Aircraft
  • Rockets
  • Explosive Volcanoes

Source Characterization Methods

  • Near-field Acoustical Holography
  • Vector Acoustic Intensity
  • Phased-Array Analysis
  • Equivalent Source Modeling

Nonlinear Acoustics


We have studied the noise source generation mechanisms in order to optimize the active control process and achieve global reductions in desktops, server trays, and laptops.  

Musical Acoustics

Physics and Chemistry Demonstrations

Research Students

A list of current and past students may be found  here.

Research Collaborators 

Brigham Young University Scott Sommerfeldt, Traci Neilsen, Jon Blotter, Tim Leishman, Brian Anderson, Dan Maynes, Steve Turley, Jeff Macedone, Jeremy Grimshaw, Scott Thomson, John Ellsworth, William Strong, Tadd Truscott, Derek Thomas
Blue Ridge Research and ConsultingMichael James, Micah Downing, Alexandria Salton, Matt Calton
University of Louisiana Lafayette Sally McInerny
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Jeremy Kenny
Penn State Anthony Atchley, Vic Sparrow, Tom Gabrielson, Micah Shepherd, Amanda Hanford 
Air Force Research Laboratory Alan Wall, Hilary Gallagher, Rich McKinley 
University of Alaksa Fairbanks David Fee
Scripps Oceanographic Institute Robin Matoza, Darcy Ogden
University of Florida Larry Ukeiley
Wyle Laboratories Chris Hobbs
University of TokyoKoji Okamoto, Susumu Teramoto
Japan Aerospace Exploration AgencySeiji Tsutsumi
Yonsei University (Seoul)Won Ohm


Research Sponsors

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