Student Thesis Archive


  • Perry, Scott E., “Design, Construction, and Testing of an External-Beam PIXE System for Coin and Manuscript Analysis at Brigham Young University,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (Honors Thesis, Mar 1999).


  • Cardall, Christian Y., “Extraction of Dynamical Equations from Chaoitic Data,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (Honors Thesis, Jul 1993).


  • Xu, Yao Hui, “An Investigation of Oscillating Field Current Drive (OFCD) In a Reversed Field Pinch,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (PhD Dissertation, Apr 1990).


  • Peterson, Darrell Lee, “Numerical generation and stability study of MHD equilibria for the BYU Topolotron device,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (PhD Dissertation, Aug 1982).


  • Hier, Richard G., “The Detection of Gravitational Radiation: One Step Closer to a Gravity Wave Telescope,” Advisor: Neil Rasband (Masters Thesis, Jan 1974).