New Mill Becomes Part of the P&A Family

In Spring 2020with significant support from the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the Department of Physics and Astronompurchased a Haas Haas VF-2SS mill. The mill provides new capabilities like a 4th axis, two probes, and 31 tools it can change to by itself. The 12,000 RPM spindle enables the use of more precise tools and is almost triple the speed of the previous one! Machinist/design engineer Jeremy Peterson indicated that the mill is self-enclosed. This feature allows the user to run a great deal more coolant through the machine to reduce overheating without making a messThe mill has already helped to create a filter wheel, flanges for vacuum systemstelescope parts, and an optical table. Regarding the acquisition, Peterson said, This machine will almost cook us breakfast. We are so excited and grateful to have it! 

by Brendan Murphy, 20 August 2020

Photo credit: Brendan Murphy