Honors 225 - Fall 2018

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Fall 2018


Missing Pages/Corrections from Roots

  • Minor errata listed in the syllabus
    • (Some versions of book) pg 29 – The upper part of figure should be labeled "Figure 2.4a. Specular Reflection."
    • (All versions of the book that I've checked) pg 85 – Figures A3.2a and A.3.1b on this page should be switched. The captions and labels are correct as-is, but the images should be switched.
    • (All versions of book) pg 149-150 – The units of specific heat should be J/(kg×K), not J/K as is stated. Also, as a side note, normally a lower case c is used to indicate specific heat instead of an upper case C.
    • (All versions of book) pg 190 – Eq. 3 at the bottom of the page should have an “approximately equals” sign, ≈, instead of an actual equals sign, =.
    • (All versions of book) pg 283 – the last part of endnote 17 should have an “approximately equals” sign, ≈, instead of an actual equals sign, =. That is, e^(1/pi) ≈ 137/100. To be a bit more precise, one could say e^(1/pi) ≈ 137.4802/100
  • missing-pages.pdf - Some versions of book are missing most of the text/figures on pages 119, 154, and 186. Here are those pages.
  • Bell's function plots.pdf - current and corrected version of Fig 18.5

Exam Study Guides/Chapter Summaries

Supplementary Material

  • Two interfering speaker animations: left, right, combined, combined2, allfour, from lecture 5
  • Video of single photon double-slit experiment: FromPhotonsToWaves.avi, downloaded from this website:  //www.sps.ch/en/articles/progresses/wave-particle-duality-of-light-for-the-classroom-13/
  • Images from the first double-slit experiments doing the experiments with individual electrons:  //physicsworld.com/a/the-double-slit-experiment/