Physics 442 - Winter 2019

Welcome to Physics 442!

Winter 2019

General Information

Instructor: John S. Colton
Office: N335 ESC
Office hours in room N361: Tues 3:30-5, Thur 4:30-6, Fri 5-6--but only the day before HW is due (or on Friday, in the case of HW being due on Monday)

TA: Spencer Thevenin: 
Office hours in room N361: M 3-5, Th 11-1, F 3-5 (every M Th F)

Additional office hours available by appointment.

Quick Links

Downloads for Homework Problems

  • Here's the "n_of_air.txt" file that you need for one HW problem: n_of_air.txt
  • Here's the Mathematica code to generate zeroes of the Bessel derivative functions (open, then copy and paste into your own notebook): besselprimezeroes.nb
  • Here's the graph paper you need for the "graphical Lorentz transformation" HW problem:  graphical_velocity_transformation.pdf


  • The syllabus and tentative schedule is available on Max. If you'd like a hardcopy you'll to print that out yourself..


Here are handouts for/from various class periods, to be updated throughout the semester.