Physics 441 - Fall 2019

Welcome to Physics 441!

Fall 2019

General Information

Instructor: John S. Colton
    Office: N335 ESC
Office hours in room N363: MWF 9-10:30 am, only on days that HW is due (or by appointment)

TA/TA office hours: Daniel Jones,
    Office hours in room N363: Tues: 2-4 pm; Thurs: 2-4 pm;   
if HW is due on the following Monday, then also Friday: 12-2 pm



Here are handouts for/from various class periods (or, in most cases, "virtual handouts," as I won't generally hand out physical copies of these).  

Past Exams

Here are a few actual exams from past semesters. If you are using these to study, I highly recommend you work out the exams on your own BEFORE looking at the solutions. Also note that the coverage from year to year is not necessarily consistent, both in terms of overall material covered and material covered for each exam. In particular in Fall 2016 we covered more circuits than I plan to cover this semester, and the circuits topics were part of Exam 3. There may be other differences.