Physics 441 Resources

Resources for Physics 441

Dr John S. Colton


Here are some handouts I have prepared to help clarify or add information on several selected topics.

Past Exams

On the exams, I will give you the front and back inside covers of Griffiths, along with a limited selection of integrals which will include any ones you need which are more complicated that polynomials, exponentials, sines and cosines, and that typeo of thing. Here's the start of Exam 1 from Spring 2021

Here are a few actual exams from past semesters. If you are using these to study, I highly recommend you work out the exams on your own BEFORE looking at the solutions. Also note that the coverage from year to year is not necessarily consistent, both in terms of overall material covered and material covered for each exam. For that matter, some semester we've had two midterm exams and other semesters three midterms.